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Berlin Wall Dance

The Wall was created as part of a contemporary dance event, Wallstories. “Created for the 20 Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, “The Wall” was created to reflect upon what the Berlin Wall and its removal meant to the Western world. We may forget this now but the Cold War constantly threatened to turn into a devastating atomic war and no place captured this reality more than Berlin, Germany – a divided city on the forefront of the battle between East and West. The soul of this project concerns the acknowledgement that physical and political boundaries play an important role in an individual as well as a collective’s life. They are conventions that have been created, adapted, and/or devised by nature and/or humans. So too, are a wide variety of other boundaries. These boundaries can act as national and/or international assets, but they can also act as impediments that restrict or prohibit the flow of resources, commerce, or intellectual property, or barriers that isolate people and divide nations.” – Excerpts taken from Nejla Yatkins’ Directors Statement.

Directed by Nejla Yatkin & NY2 Dance
Filmed and Edited by Mike Rogers

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