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Project Title: JiangSu Tourism Campaign - Nanjing City Wall
About the Project:

In this three part series, we worked with BBC Storyworks office in Singapore to find, develop and create compelling, first person accounts of what it's like to live in three cities in the Jiangsu Province; Nanjing, Xinghua and Yangzhou.

Our first film was set in Nanjing and focussed on the Nanjing City Wall, with a rich and colorful history of 2,600 years old, and the capital of 10 dynasties - #Nanjing​, in #Jiangsu​, #China​, has a long and colorful #history​. The Nanjing City Wall is beloved and protected by citizens for its symbolic importance. Through the lens and the eyes of Mr. Chen Zhiwen, we are given an insiders look at what it means to live amongst this ancient wall. 

We created a short film at 3 minutes, and also produced two cut downs for broadcast TVC's of 15 seconds and 30 second lengths. Check all three videos here.

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