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Project Title: Yo-Yo Ma  for the Biden/ Harris Inaugural Concert
About the Project:
We were honored to have the opportunity to film Yo-Yo Ma as part of the January 2021 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. Yo-Yo performed Amazing Grace as part of a compilation performance that we filmed at the Boston City Hall complex in the 'Garden of Hope' garden. With huge thanks to the Conquer Cancer organization.
The project came fast - with only 9 days from our initial project discussion to our filming session with Yo-Yo Ma, our team worked overtime to suggest outside locations with a view of Boston skyline while also ensuring these outside locations would accommodate best possible audio conditions because part of the remit was to also record the live audio. It was also January in Boston, and we knew we would be cold, if not cold and wet. What did we do, we brought tents and we lucked out that our location had a permanent gazebo that we could station our sound mixer in for the shoot. It rained, in fact, it rained for 16 hours straight, but we still got the take and YoYo Ma was happy, all be it a little cold by the time we finished.  
Read more about the performance on Classical FM here.
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