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The Fishworkers Mural

In June of 2020, Awesome Gloucester, a local organization out of Gloucester, MA, commissioned Studio Fresh to create original public art to honor the legions of people in Gloucester who have made a living working “on fish” in “on land” jobs. The mural includes images of women processing fish, a lumper, and a
fish cutter.

During the creation of the mural, Persistent Productions, a Cape Ann based film and documentary production company, produced an original 6-minute documentary film detailing the meaning and motivations of those involved in conceiving and completing the mural. Focusing on the motivation behind Awesome Gloucester’s decision to initiate the Mural project, the team at Persistent Productions conducted interviews with the Awesome Gloucester team, the artists at Studio Fresh and filmed the making of the mural over the course of the two week period using drone filmography and capturing the efforts by the artist on the wall.

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