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Shooting for Democracy

‘Shooting for Democracy’ brings together voices of students in the world’s smallest emerging democracy with those in one of the most established democracies. The film is a vibrant portrayal of two nations as seen through the youth in each country.

Inspired by the coincidence of Bhutan’s first democratic elections taking place during a US presidential election year, ‘Shooting for Democracy’ follows high school students as they participate in a video education program. The result is a unique juxtaposition that examines youth perspectives on democracy during the 2008 elections.

Combining professionally produced footage with excerpts from the students’ work, the film follows personal experiences of the students while also exploring the social and political contexts of these distinct nations, now linked by their use of a democratic system.

‘Shooting For Democracy’ premiered at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government in 2010 and is distributed by Documentary Educational Resources.

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