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Under The Turban

What makes me a Sikh?

That question posed by nine-year-old Zara Garcha sets off a family’s journey around the globe to discover their heritage. Festival Premiere on Oct. 23rd at UNAFF 2016 in Palo Alto!

How I Live


The How I Live project is featured in the Washington Post - check it out here 

How I Live is a film that profiles children living with cancer in the developing world. In partnership with The Global Health Initiative at Dana-Farber / Boston Children’s and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, How I Live travels across the world to learn how international medical partnerships are changing outcomes for children globally.

Tall Heights: Our Lyrical Collaborators

Check out our latest lyric video for Tall Heights' Infrared!

Our longtime friends, Tall Heights have been blowing up the charts lately, from performing on Conan O'Brien to playing rooftops in Hollywood. We've loved every minute of collaboration with these guys, music videos, live performances and all matter of high jinks! Check out our recent music video for their track Spirit Cold on their latest release, Neptune.

Step By Step

Two men, Paul Fairhurst, a walking quadriplegic, and Gregory Burns, a paralympian, take on a 35km trek across a high altitude terrain on the Tibetan plateau. This inspiring journey pushes each of them to their physical and emotional extremes and forges a powerful bond between the two.

Serendipity brought Greg and Paul together. Both men with life-altering disabilities discovered a shared dream: a trek that would bring them to the Himalayan plateau, introduce them to the kindest people and discover that the joy of the journey would make them stronger than they ever imagined.

Nikon: Exploring Nikkor Lenses Series

To punctuate a series of product-led videos, Nikon commissioned us to create short lyric narratives in Bali, Mongolia, and Australia for their NIKKOR Lenses. We're thrilled that these series have since been rolled out internationally across Nikon's regional networks!

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